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      Football is football and talent is talent. The game of life is a lot like football

About the Club


Up and Over Club is a non-profit organization dedicated to the physical, mental and emotional growth and development of youth through football.

Community. Culture. Fervor.

We are not only involved in teaching the basics of football but also to bring the youth of our community to life community, culture, passion, inspiration.

Our Club

The philosophy of Up and Over is to build a positive community with families who want to make a change


Love the game: drama, seeing, teaching and learning.

Taking risks: “Go for it” with courage and courage.

Compete: In practice and games, for yourself and team partners.

Dedicate: Be the best.

The pursuit of excellence: working hard when no one is watching.


Dating is an ageless practice that has been here as long as the minds of men could track back. But the system has changed so much that what we call dating today is nothing close to what used to be one.
These days, getting to reach your date is as comfortable as strolling down to the bathroom, in your room. Whereas, getting to talk to a lady used to be a hurricane task before now. One prevalent practice was getting to have your parents run the real runs while you sit back waiting to get engaged. But that’s a long while ago that many would even doubt if it was possible.
From texting, chatting, Facebooking, Snap talking, and I can keep the list going, dating has been made so simple that all you have to do is get a phone and you are hooked up with a date. You can get dates online. You are easily hooked up on mobile dating. You will see a countless number of app dating sites, free dating sites and so on. Dating has never been made easier than now.
Has online dating brought in better experiences to daters? Has it made dating worse off? Are we enjoying dating better today than was enjoyed those days? Let’s get a closer look at these dating posers.

The 5 most important rules of football

You definitely will not shut up when I say football is the most played sport in the world. No matter where we belong and what our national game is, almost all the people in the world admire football and love to see it regularly. Although he is not a professional footballer, he will nevertheless proclaim the names Madrid, Manchester, Liverpool, and Arsenal as if he owns and finances the team. That’s the universality of the game. Here we will now see the 5 most basic and important rules that we all should know about football.


Important rules of football:

Here we list the 5 most important rules of football. You can be a player, a champion or a passionate fan, or even someone who hates football. Regardless of who you are, you should be aware of these rules.

Basic rules:

The games work in a double 45-minute slot, and these slots are divided by a break of a maximum of 15 minutes. A team can have a maximum of 11 players with at least 7 players. Among them, a person from each team is set as a goalkeeper or football as a goalkeeper. The goalkeeper should wear a shirt in a different color, which sets him apart from the other team members. The game is not complex in terms of rules. The player with the ball must dodge the opponent and reach the target point where the opposing goalkeeper should block him.

Types of kick:

There are different types of kicks in football. Depending on the player’s position and the way the ball approaches, the kicks are different. These kicks are arranged so that a wrong or an offensive movement can be detected. The listed here are the allowed kicks in the football game. Kick, kick, kick, back heel and push kick.

The off-side rule in football:

Most people consider an offside position on the football offensive. However, this may not always be the case. Other factors need to come together to offensive an offside position. If the offside position does not coexist with any of these factors, then it is unlikely to be punishable in football. There is also a difference between the out-of-position and the out-of-page position.

Kick off to start:

If the game is resumed by one of the teams after a break or after a goal has been scored, the first action to start the game is called kick off. If the game has started fresh and both teams have not met, the team to start is decided by the throw of a coin. In other cases, after a goal, when the game resumes, the team that has just reached the goal will be kicked off. The ball is placed in the middle of the field and kicked so that it closes a full circle in the opposing game, then the fight for the ball begins as usual.

If the referee chooses a card!

It is usually when players in one of the teams test the patience of the referee and play a foul. If the offense is unintentional and minor, the yellow card is shown to the player. If it is a penalty and a major game, the player receives a red card.

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Most important career goals in world football

Football was undoubtedly the favorite sport in the world. Regardless of nationality, global fans have always broadened their support for the heroes of the sport. The revenue that footballing countries earn for the sport is gigantic, and the game has received a lot of warmth. As with any other sport, there are many memorable moments in football too. It’s always about the historic kick that the team needed to score at this event and finally pocket the trophies. That’s what we’ll see here. Here we will list the most career goals achieved in world football.


So here are the top 4 people with the maximum number of goals in their career:

Arthur Friedenreich:

While most people expect Pele to take first place, it is Arthur who actually took it. He is a Brazilian player and has reached the maximum number of goals in 26 years. He had managed to mark 1329 goals. His football career began in the year. Arthur’s life is very inspiring, as he was one of the few black people to leave their mark in history at the beginning of the 20th century. It is so incredible for a black man to break all barriers and boundaries and to secure a place in the hearts of football fans. However, there is a reason that Arthur’s name is not officially registered as the player with the highest number of goals because he has never represented his country in the world.


The next person or at least the official person leading the list of football players with the maximum number of goals in football in Pelé. He is considered the best player so far not because of the number of goals, but also because of his unique techniques and limb movements. He is a legend in football and will never forget people. He scored a goal score of 1281 goals in 17 years, which is commendable.

Josef Bikaner:

There is a big difference between the previous person on the list and this player. With 805 goals, he has managed to take the 3rd place in the list of the players with the most goals in football. Although there are differences in numbers, Bican is still one of the best football players history will remember forever as he is the only player in football who has scored 7 goals in a match so far. It has not stopped that he has done this achievement three times in his career.


Followed by Bican, Romario takes the next place in the list. In 24 years of his career in football, he scored a goal rate of 743 goals. Romario is believed to have one of the longest and most successful careers in football. When he played for PSV, he scored 165 goals in 167 games. This roughly means that when his foot is in the field, he safely reaches his destination. Regardless of the number of goals he has today for the record, he is considered the fourth best player to spend all his time due to his exceptional skills and strategy.

What’s so interesting about football games?

Forget the intoxication the game gives you, otherwise, the game plays a lot of life. If you know the rules of the game and know how they are played, then you must agree with the fact that the sport can teach you many lessons in life both on and off the pitch. Although every sport has something to teach, football is a sport that people from all walks of life can relate to. This makes the sport a universal game that involves people regardless of their nationality. Here are some of the things that will help you understand why football is interesting to see.



Football seems simple in terms of rules, but if you can not get to the pitch and actually play the game, you will not be able to figure out the complexity that a player and his team face. As a person in the highest position of the food chain, we can only use our full potential if we fully utilize our limbs. But in football, you are expected to refrain from using hands. You lose half your strength and still give your best.


Many things are involved. It’s not just about throwing a ball and scoring the goal. All players in the team are expected to play in unison, although only one person can hold the ball. Although there are 11 members of a team, the coordination takes place exactly between the two people awaiting the ball. With full focus on the ball, the player should keep an eye on other players, opponents, the goalpost and the goalkeeper.


This is the most watched sport in the world. If that’s the case, then the game has some real fans who see the players on their favorite team as demigods. Most games that have been in the past are not part of the present because of the lack of fans, viewers, and people who really wanted to pass these games on to the next generation. But football is nothing like that. This makes the game a pleasure.


As we have already seen, we can list a lot of games that have gone by because the games were not properly marketed and were not brought to the right platform where the world would have seen their beauty. In football, however, the same mistake was not committed. This sport has filled the global platform with people from every corner who play the game. This clearly indicates that the game will stay here and will not leave shortly. So here’s one reason why the global market wants this game to be a success. The revenue the game generates is approximately $ 4.8 billion a year. Nobody knows where it comes from and where the money goes. All the international market knows is that the sport is a global success and that it has a global audience that surpasses all other sports in the world.

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