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Dating is an ageless practice that has been here as long as the minds of men could track back. But the system has changed so much that what we call dating today is nothing close to what used to be one.
These days, getting to reach your date is as comfortable as strolling down to the bathroom, in your room. Whereas, getting to talk to a lady used to be a hurricane task before now. One prevalent practice was getting to have your parents run the real runs while you sit back waiting to get engaged. But that’s a long while ago that many would even doubt if it was possible.
From texting, chatting, Facebooking, Snap talking, and I can keep the list going, dating has been made so simple that all you have to do is get a phone and you are hooked up with a date. You can get dates online. You are easily hooked up on mobile dating. You will see a countless number of app dating sites, free dating sites and so on. Dating has never been made easier than now.
Has online dating brought in better experiences to daters? Has it made dating worse off? Are we enjoying dating better today than was enjoyed those days? Let’s get a closer look at these dating posers.