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Football was undoubtedly the favorite sport in the world. Regardless of nationality, global fans have always broadened their support for the heroes of the sport. The revenue that footballing countries earn for the sport is gigantic, and the game has received a lot of warmth. As with any other sport, there are many memorable moments in football too. It’s always about the historic kick that the team needed to score at this event and finally pocket the trophies. That’s what we’ll see here. Here we will list the most career goals achieved in world football.


So here are the top 4 people with the maximum number of goals in their career:

Arthur Friedenreich:

While most people expect Pele to take first place, it is Arthur who actually took it. He is a Brazilian player and has reached the maximum number of goals in 26 years. He had managed to mark 1329 goals. His football career began in the year. Arthur’s life is very inspiring, as he was one of the few black people to leave their mark in history at the beginning of the 20th century. It is so incredible for a black man to break all barriers and boundaries and to secure a place in the hearts of football fans. However, there is a reason that Arthur’s name is not officially registered as the player with the highest number of goals because he has never represented his country in the world.


The next person or at least the official person leading the list of football players with the maximum number of goals in football in Pelé. He is considered the best player so far not because of the number of goals, but also because of his unique techniques and limb movements. He is a legend in football and will never forget people. He scored a goal score of 1281 goals in 17 years, which is commendable.

Josef Bikaner:

There is a big difference between the previous person on the list and this player. With 805 goals, he has managed to take the 3rd place in the list of the players with the most goals in football. Although there are differences in numbers, Bican is still one of the best football players history will remember forever as he is the only player in football who has scored 7 goals in a match so far. It has not stopped that he has done this achievement three times in his career.


Followed by Bican, Romario takes the next place in the list. In 24 years of his career in football, he scored a goal rate of 743 goals. Romario is believed to have one of the longest and most successful careers in football. When he played for PSV, he scored 165 goals in 167 games. This roughly means that when his foot is in the field, he safely reaches his destination. Regardless of the number of goals he has today for the record, he is considered the fourth best player to spend all his time due to his exceptional skills and strategy.